Special Schools

Our teacher’s have a mass of experience working with children with SMLD and PMLD. With the use of props, music and creative idea’s we bring a fun packed dance/movement class to your school. Exploring different idea’s such as storytelling, animal adventures and even zumbatomic we can create a fun packed dance session for all ages and abilities.

Below is a section taken from one of our teacher’s diary edits after working with children with PMLD…

‘KS4 – The children in this class loved the ribbon sticks. They were red and orange in colour and the children reacted really well to them and the music. They also liked the musical instruments that went along to the animal songs. As a group of teachers we made a little dance up, pushing the children around in a circle using the ribbon sticks. One girl sat in the middle of the circle as we walked round her with the ribbons wafting…she loved it!’

‘Post 16 – This group were of mixed ability and was a joy to work with. On the first session I quickly realised one of the girls could communicate and respond very well. Two girls were in their walkers and a boy in his chair with another girl on the floor. Even the boy could move his arms himself which was a massive difference to the other two groups. The animals worked great here as well as being able to progress on certain actions, such as the train. Here we had the children that could move around following each other in a circle, going around the girl that was sat on the floor. They enjoyed the ribbon sticks as they could hold them themselves as well as using the instruments. This group liked the music loud as most are partially death.’

‘Its so inclusive’ (Teacher at Oakfield Park Special School)

‘Students who do not engage all the time are so focused and interactive’ (Teachng Assistant at Oakfield Park Special School)

‘Even the staff love it’! (Assistant Head at Oakfield Park Special School)

For school references please do not hesitate to contact us.