Secondary Schools

Some of the suggested genre’s of dance for Secondary Schools are listed below…

Get creative with your rubbish! Allow your school to collect noisy rubbish, pull out those sweeping brushes and tin lids. The children will learn noisy routines concentrating on rhythm and beats. The perfect class to combine music, dance and fitness. Very popular with primary and secondary schools.

Street Dance

Another popular class, especially within mainstream schools. Here we create and learn dances to the children’s favourite music in the charts following the trend of popular music and style. A more relaxed and fun class.  This is a great class for schools to prepare for showcases as well as just having fun within an after school or lunchtime club.

Musical Theatre / Glee Club

Musical Theatre is an extremely fun class. The children get to dance, sing and act out their favourite stage shows. They will learn the song and routines to shows such as Grease and The Lion King,  as well as learning routines from the hit show ‘Glee’. A class for those who love to perform. Popular within the primary school sector.


Taught by our specialist majorettes teacher, cheerleading is a fun and energetic class which focuses on working as a team developing co-ordination and timing skills. Dances are learnt to popular music and is becoming an increasingly growing class.


BoxFit enhances sports specific senses, including hand-eye co-ordination, balance and timing. BoxFit is also great for those children not engaged with traditional sports as it is essentially a fitness class based on fun!

Boot Camp
There are 3 sections to the Bootcamp class: Cardio, Focus section (with a different focus each week; e.g. arms) and MSE (Muscular Strength Endurance), with a warm up at the beginning and cool down at the end. The Cardio section involves a series of different activites and exercises which raise the heart rate and develop learners cardiovascular endurance. The activities will be done individually, as a group or in partners, helping to develop learners confidence and communication skills as well as the physical benefits.

Contemporary is an expressive dance. It teaches the children to use emotions to create their movement. A popular class for secondary school as it can be linked with art and drama projects.