Triathlon triumphs!

What a brilliant event this weekend in Leeds for the triathlon! A huge well done to everyone who took part. Congratulations too to Leeds’ own Alistair Brownlee who won the event! What an achievement in his home town! Talking of triathlons… you get bored in your workout? Feel as though you are doing the same thing over and over again and it’s starting to affect your motivation? Why not jazz it up a bit and train like your doing a triathlon! What does it include? Swimming, cycling and running. That gives you three options of what to train in every week! Adding a bit of variety and spice to your work out regime! We’re not saying you have to compete in a triathlon though……unless you want to! Why not give it a go 🙂

Summer fitness!

Wahoo! It’s officially Summer! And we have the sunshine to go with it! Aren’t we lucky 🙂 Want to make the most of the sunshine whilst maintaining a workout schedule? Why not! So what are your options when it comes to exercising outdoors? Walking and jogging around your local beauty spots are a perfect way to get out in the fresh air and sun whilst getting those bodies moving. Why not join a running group? Brilliant for support and showing you different routes! How about an outdoor Bootcamp class? Some venues are opening up their outside spaces to put on these Summer classes. Keep your eyes peeled in your local area for adverts or have a quick search on the internet! Got a bike? Then hit the pedals! A fantastic way to get a bit further afield and still work up a sweat! Please make sure you have the correct safety equipment to help prevent accidents! Do you use online workouts? Why not do them in the garden instead of the house? Suitability permitting of course! Why not give it a try! Taking the kids to the park? Join in with the fun! You will be surprised how quickly you become out of breath! Exercising in the sun might put an extra spring in your step! Make sure you drink enough water, apply sun cream and listen to your body. Exercising in heat affects your body differently so make sure you are staying safe. If you are unsure, seek a professionals advice to keep you in tip-top condition! Happy exercising!

Have you HIIT your target yet?

We know we have mentioned this before but bikini-time is getting every so closer! If the weather man is right (i’m not holding my breath!) then we are in for some lovely sunshine throughout this week in the UK too!

So what changes have you made to get yourself beach body ready? What exercise have you been doing to get ship shape? Hitting the gym? Swimming? Running? Cycling? Fitness classes? Whichever way your doing it we hope you are getting the results you want!

One method we wanted to see if you had tried was HIIT workouts. Ever heard of it? HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has many health benefits, as do other forms of exercise, but the benefits of this may persuade you to give it a try and see if it works well for you! One of the benefit claims is that it burns calories and fat in a shorter period of time than in some workouts. For those busy parents and career driven individuals who struggle for time to work out, this may be perfect for you. You can also complete these workouts without any equipment, meaning you can do them anytime and anywhere! Not only does it help you lose fat, but it helps build muscle making you stronger too! One of the best benefits, it has been suggested that you can still burn fat AFTER you have finished exercising! How amazing is that! Like the sound of it? Then when not give it a go!

Information taken from Health Fitness Revolution. Read the full article here:

Marathon Mayhem!

Come on then….who watched the fantastic marathon? What an inspirational day! So many fantastic people running for so many different reasons. Some raising money for well deserving charities, others running to beat their own personal targets. What ever their reason…that is one hell of an achievement! So has it inspired you to move more? Is a marathon something you want to work towards? We’re not suggesting straight away but maybe one day! But where to start! If you don’t normally exercise and haven’t got a clue where to start you have a few options. Head to your local running club for some support and guidance. Get in touch with a personal trainer to make sure you are training properly and get a plan personalised for you. If you have a bit of exercise experience but what some guidance, there are plenty of apps with training plans you can use. So why not set yourself a goal and get moving more. It could be you running past a finish line with a massive smile on your face!

Get your butt into shape!

Need a little help with getting yourself Beach body ready? Got an idea of what you want to do but not quite sure where to start? Think your eating healthily but not seeing the results you want? Then we have just the package for you! Only 4 weeks commitment is needed but it will kick start a healthier and give you the boost you need. Looking at both Fitness and Nutrition, you will get a helping hand to a new routine to help you reach your goals. So what are you waiting for! We have limited slots available so don’t miss out! Contact us to book!

Bikini time!

As I write this, I am looking out of the window at the black clouds and wondering if I am going mad. But no, the calender tells me that bikini season will be approaching soon. Just what you wanted to hear after the Easter and the Bank Holiday weekend, right?! Think of the sun, sea and sand! So…….are you ready?

Now i’m not necessarily talking inches or pounds when I say bikini ready, I mean confidence. It may be that you choose to lose a couple of pounds of inches to help you gain this confidence, but that is how you have chosen to do it. Heading out for a jog, hitting the gym or grabbing a mate and heading to a class certainly shouldn’t decrease your confidence, but there are other options too! My favourite….shopping! How much of a confidence boost is it to pack that gorgeous new swimwear that you just can’t wait to own on the beach! However you choose to create your boost, be body beautiful, you deserve it!

What time is it? Party time!

Got a birthday coming up? Not sure what to do? Sick of the soft play centres? How about a Dance party! You pick the theme and the song for the party so it is all personalised to you and your needs. Prices start from £70 with a minimum of 10 children, but what do you get for your money? Each child will get a goody bag, taking care of some of the organisation for you! You get a qualified teacher for 2 hours to deliver party games and a fun-filled Dance session teaching a routine to their chosen song! You pick the location so you it’s convenient for you. Perfect for keeping them all entertained and taking some of the stress away from you! So how do you book? Head to our website and complete the online booking form to check our availability and outline your requirements! Got any questions? Contact us on info@ccdanceandfitness or 07917 692340.

Food Swaps!

So we are nearly at the end of January already! How time flies! How are people doing with their resolutions? How many of you decided they wanted to lose some weight this year? I don’t know about you but the ‘diet’ freaks me out! I prefer food swaps! Even changing small things can make a difference. Looking to reduce your sugar intake? Swap dilutable juice for a sugar free version. Cut out the fizzy drinks! You will be surprised to see how much sugar is in them! Partial to a sweet snack? Swap the chocolate bars for fruit, or even yoghurt covered fruit! What kind of milk do you drink? Swapping full fat milk to semi-skimmed or skimmed milk is another subtle change which can add up to make a big difference! Having cereal for breakfast? Swap it for a lower calorie one by changing it to no added sugar muesli or plain porridge oats with fruit mixed in. These are just a few examples of little things you can change to help you on your journey!

New Year…New You!!!

So what’s going to be your New Year’s Resolution for 2016? Lose weight by any chance? Take up exercise?

Well if group classes are not for you then why not try a one on one session with Claire our qualified Personal Trainer. Receive a detailed food plan and exercise programme that is suitable for your lifestyle and individual goals. She can work out your BMI, Body Fat percentage and identify what types of food you should be eating. She will help you overcome certain barriers such as time and motivation and really help you achieve those goals. Our competitive rates will get you slim in no time! Chose the gym or the comfort of your own home and let’s change your life for the better!
From as little as £15 per session you can have your own personalised fitness instructor.

Our January waiting list as already started so start the New You TODAY!!! Contact for more details.

Surprise your child with something different for their birthday!


Stuck for ideas for your child’s birthday celebrations? Want something to that will keep them entertained without you having to do all the entertaining? Why not book one of our personalised Dance parties! You get a fully qualified Dance Teacher for 2 hours with party bags provided and lots of fun! You choose the song for the main routine for the party so they can boogie to their favourite tracks!  Prices start from just £70! Contact us with your choice and we can personalise the party to your requirements.

We also have a sister company called CC’s Events which can provide a fantastic range of Hen parties for that special pre-wedding event! From Grease and 80’s theme to Thriller and Bollywood, there is plenty to chose from! Prices start from £20 per person with a minimum of 8. What are you waiting for! Get in touch with us today