Our Consultants

Claire McGarry

Personal Trainer, GP Exercise Referral Personal Trainer

AIDTA Dance Teacher, Hatton Academy Boxing Instructor

Claire has been in the dance and fitness industry for 17 years. After training as a dancer and then onto a dance teacher she fell into the fitness world with ease. After being approached by a local GP surgery in 2015 her career took a turn for the better. The practise wanted to deliver a healthy living service and wanted to incorporate physical activity for their patients to access. Claire put together a project that brought eleven GP surgeries together and allowed a wide range of patients to access a free personal trainer to help manage their illness or in some cases completely eradicate them. Since then Claire has been working closely with the Leeds CCG NHS to continue reducing the risk of illnesses such as type 2 diabetes.

“I get to help patients on a daily basis that just need advice or motivation to steer them in the right direction. Putting together projects like this to aid people across the UK to live a happier, healthier and longer life is the most for filling job. I have a passion and drive to simply educate and motivate people into staying healthy, if that reduces the cost on the NHS then that is just a positive byproduct.”


Gill Collins

Gill Has been a GP practise manager of over 11 000 patients in the East Leeds area for over 10 years. Previously a pharmacy technician and GP receptionist she understands the NHS and health services inside out. She previously won an award for a Patient Liaison group set up to ensure her local patients were having their say and getting the best possible service from the practise. After joining forces with ten other practises to form a federation she has constantly brought new ideas and initiatives to the table. The federation receive funding for their modern ideas implemented within their practices and grow to be a successful community team within Leeds.

“I would be lying if I said my job was easy but what it is, is rewarding. Being apart of an amazing team I can help provide a service to patients across East Leeds. Coming on board with Healthy Lifestyle Services gives me the opportunity to share my expertise and experience to implement projects that are effective and achievable, helping people along the way.”