Adult Fitness Classes

Our range of Adult Fitness classes are suitable for all abilities and tastes and run across the local area, including Kippax, Allerton Bywater, Colton and Garforth.


A high energy fitness class with a mixture of individual and partner work. Using boxing gloves and pads, you will use a variety of boxing moves to work up a sweat! A fun way to build up muscle and get those bodies pumping!

Chair Aerobics

A gentler approach to your typical aerobics class! This class is a full body work out with the support of a chair, ideal for those who find it difficult to stand for long periods of time or would like a gentle introduction to exercising! Perfect for raising the heart rate and working those muscles.


A small group class supported by a Personal Trainer to ensure the activities are suited for your need. A more Personalised workout for you with the support of a small number of peers using a variety of equipment to help you work towards your individual goal.

Mums and Tots

A workout just for Mummy’s! Want to get back into exercise after having your little one? This is just the class for you! A 45 minute class aiming to improve your fitness levels and tone up those muscles. Bring along your little one who will be included in the class to help you achieve your goals! Please note you must have had your 6 week check before attending the class.

Personal Training

Want a more personalised session? Got a goal in mind you want to achieve? Maybe a 1:1 session is just what you need! We offer a 4 week block to get you jump-started with your goal and all you need to continue with your achievements! Whether it’s weight loss or working towards a specific fitness goal, we can help you!


A low impact workout focusing on improving flexibility, posture and strength. The exercises are mat based and have different levels so are suitable for all abilities. Perfect for people who would like a calmer exercise class but still want to see results!


Kettlebells is a great class for all levels that will focus on body strengthening and toning. It’s a full body workout that you can do at your own pace. We provide sessions in the heart of Kippax every Wednesday.


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training! It’s a tough one but comes with all the benefits. Like every class we offer you can go at your own pace and level of fitness. You get out what you put in! Come and give it a try and start your weekend on a high.